Whitetail Deer Description

The white underside of a whitetail deer's tail or "flag" that is flashed when disturbed is by far its most characteristic feature. These beautiful deer are sleek, graceful, and have incredibly long legs which makes them look much taller than their actual height of 35 to 38 inches. The whitetail deer grow a reddish-brown, lightweight coat in summer compared to a heavy grayish-brown coat in winter.

The History of Whitetail Deer in Iowa

The first hunting law was passed in 1856 to help protect deer by providing a closed season from February I to July 15. The closed deer season was then extended to January I to September 15 in 1872. The 27th General Assembly actually provided complete protection for deer by closing the season year round in 1898 because deer were nearly extinct in most areas of Iowa.