Here's a view of some of our creations and preservation efforts for our pilot project, known as Whitetail Ridge:


Maintain environment

Wishes For Wildlife Foundation creates sanctuaries for the vast variety of animals which reside on controlled properties.  Our purpose is to preserve and plant vegetation and trees which sustain the whitetail deer, the breeding haunts of interesting birds and the localities of rare plants. The overall  goal is preservation and management of variety - allowing extinction is poor management. The protection of wildlife is a sensible investment for the future and is achievable through the maintenance of their environment.



managing the ecosystem

Over the centuries, humans have waged war against the birds, mammals and insects which have threatened their crops and domestic stock. It wasn't until late in agricultural history that it was realized that proper studies of the biology of pest species were necessary before they could be controlled effectively. We wish for the intricacies of the delicate food web to always be taken into account. In most cases, the problems which follow the destruction of predators become complicated and unpredictable. Where no natural predators are present, selective culling is introduced in order to maintain a balance with a healthy stock and their food supply.

Therefore, we must have:

1) knowledge of the past land use.

2) knowledge of the ecological relationship between all the living organisms present on our properties.

3) knowledge of how to use all of this information in order to devise practical methods and plans of maintaining scientific interests. An interesting aspect of conservation lies here as it accepts human beings as other animals in the environment, thus integrating their activities with other animal species.

Although many people have managed to live harmoniously with their environment in the past, circumstances are constantly changing. Science and technology have provided humans with the tremendous and somewhat unfortunate power to exploit natural resources. In many cases, land owners have tried to rule Mother Nature rather than work with her - which consequently has created waste and dereliction of the natural balance of nature. Wishes For Wildlife Foundation studies wildlife populations and ecosystems with the intent to work with Mother Nature to provide harmony and balance. 


                                                                 "Their wishes begin with you"

                                                                 "Their wishes begin with you"