Making A Home For Wildlife: Green Browse Food Plots


Green Browse — Living plants that are intentionally planted to attract and feed wildlife species. Green browse plots are often planted with a mix of grass and perennial legumes.

Legume — Any member of the Fabaceae family; forbs, shrubs and trees capable of fixing their own supply of nitrogen. Common legumes include red clover, alfalfa and partridge pea.

Soil Inoculant — Bacteria or fungus that are added to soils to enhance plant growth.


Green browse plots provide wildlife with much-needed bedding, food and brooding sites, and can be customized to attract certain species. Deer and rabbits will feed during the spring, summer and fall while turkeys, pheasants, quail and songbirds will use green browse areas to find insects to feed their young.

Before You Begin

Planning the location Green browse plots should be a minimum of one acre and located on level ridge tops, bottomlands or along the contour of gentle slopes. Food plots should make up no more than 5 percent of your total acreage. While larger food plots may benefit heavy deer populations, smaller food plots ensure proper browse for many species through the seasons. The browse site should be open, tillable and next to suitable cover. Placing the plot at least 60 feet from any woodland edge will reduce competition from trees and allow light to reach the planting. Green browse plots will increase wildlife traffic including predators. A buffer strip of perennials and shrubs will provide escape cover close to the plot. Shrubs, especially fruitbearing ones, also provide additional food and browse for wildlife. These extra components may increase the diversity of wildlife, particularly songbirds. For deer and turkey, green browse plots should be placed ¼ mile apart or one per 40-acre tract. For rabbit and quail, plots can be closer, such as 100 to 150 yards apart.

“A green browse plot is one of the best management tools for many wildlife species on your property, especially for whitetail deer.” Colleen Koss, President/CEO Wishes for Wildlife Foundation.