Wildlife and Hunting (Part 1)

If there were no other form of conservation apart from reserves and the designation of parks, then many of our familiar animals and plants would disappear rapidly. The objective of Wishes For Wildlife Foundation's reserve may appear to seem contrary to the interests of our wildlife, but in fact it provides a safe haven for many wild animals.  Wildlife benefit from herd management and land set aside for hunting. Game animals often live better lives, being regularly fed and having little to fear from predators.

Whatever one's opinion may be of  hunting, it cannot be denied that if it were not for the interest in deer and turkey hunting in Iowa, they well may have been persecuted into extinction by now in the same manner as the wolf in the 18th Century.

In medieval times the range of the wolf covered a large part of Europe. Since then, human settlement together with constant hunting resulted in complete extermination of the wolf in most areas. Records of wolves can be found in many places, for example, in the British Isles. Records, many centuries old, are still extant. 

Therefore, Wishes For Wildlife Foundation sets aside hunting land to harvest deer and turkeys. Approximately twenty acres of the virgin timber known as Big Buck Ridge are designated specifically as hunting land. In addition, one acre located on the Iowa River offers alternative hunting grounds. We especially encourage youth to hunt on these properties as they are our future in maintaining herd management and becoming stewards of the land.